Saturday 15 July 2017

Coping with summer

Dear Family & Friends

Sun is blazing hot these days. The mediterrenean lavender plants just loves it. In fact we've already pruned the bush as the flowers have already fed all sorts of insects in our garden. The main big bloom for the year is finished but it will give another small flower bloom later on. Such an easy going plant for us wonder my husband just wants our garden to be filled with it! 

just two of the many big mounts of lavender blooms we have in the garden
In the summer we have extreme hot weather ...on some days temp goes up to 41C!! but humidity is low. Inside our thick mud wall house is cool... so we can survive without an airconditioner. When heat wave electric fan is enough for our luxury need:) Our temporary outdoor garden shower area is another luxury item... some of us go for about 4 quick cold showers in the garden a day!...and water drains to the garden ground for some boost! It's a genius concept!

it's mostly too bright in the garden these days

Our free garden roaming pet tortoise is not bothered with the summer heat... by now our strawberry harvest is over...he is going for my bean makes me wonder if we will have enough garden beans to eat this year! I can't be greedy....I need to share too...afterall, our tortoise always take care of his own need without our assistance. 'Help yourself with everything in the garden, Tortoise! :)'

our tortoise don't mind summer time and very self sufficient!

At this time of the year...I conserve all my energy. Summertime does crazy things to my body system as I fail to adjust quickly. Thus, no much gardening activities. I have to let go a bit, and will catch up again later. I don't cook anymore all the pre-cooked frozen food are slowly utilized. Call me lazy if you want...but that's my way of coping. I sit counting the days till it's over. Hope you are having better time than me....


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  1. I wouldn't be able to cope if we have temperature like what you are having. Even at 32 deg C, I am already feeling tired and lazy because over here it is also very humid. Currently it is now 33 deg C and I try to stay indoor as much as possible. I only water the plants and that's all until the temperature cools down. Have a lovely new week!


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