Saturday 7 October 2017

Black Sea Holiday Trip For This Year

Dear Family & Friends

In Bulgaria, we are surrounded with mountains where it is cooler, but for the summer, we also have the option of the seacoast to go to. One of the advantage we have here is the weather...with seemingly endless sunshiny days throughout the year...with just the temperature cooling up and down that marks our four seasons.

I spent my time under this umbrella with our picnic paraphernelia...and laugh at their antics at sea

The locals would spend and enjoy their summer in the Black Sea Coast. Although there's no white sand to boast about but it's a seaside where one can go to cool or find a way to escape intense summer heat. Thus,  it is common to be asked 'Have you been to the seacoast already?' during the summer.

This is the Marina a few minutes away from the resort 

Since our children don't go to school, we always take our holiday break out of season when holidaymakers have finished theirs. It's less crowded, no car traffic, easy to find parking etc... As our two girls refer themselves as 'the serious swimmers', they prefer the privilege of an empty pool so they can swim freely without bumping into someone else.

the sea view in front of our two storey masoinette accommodation

Nezebar is an old town, a little island that is pretty and popular - of course it goes without saying...very touristy place too. The last time we were there was a traumatic holiday experience, many years ago. One that I will always remember because it brought me lots of tears caused by 'power struggle' and 'bitter attitude' in the group. I'm so spoiled with the unity within our little family of four that, other than that, I wouldn't find holiday enjoyable any other way. It's not the place, it's the company that matters.

blessed with a perfect weather 27C with cool breeze

This year, we had our family holiday weekend at a big hotel resort complex in St. Vlas. There were around 10 outdoor pools...but the girls preferred the indoor one because it's bigger and non-chlorinated. It was time for lots of swimming for the two mermaids- both in fresh water pool as well as in the sea. They also did surfing with their little boards:)

the resort is large and not too busy by this time as most are back to school and work

As for me, the highlight was a relaxing time at the resort with lots of eating. I also enjoyed their vast garden full of mediterrenean fruit trees and perennial shrubs where gardeners kept it all looking good. I got so inspired looking at their plants that I popped into the gardeners office to ask for permission to pick some of the dried flowers with seeds to take home. I'm so enamored with their fig and pomagranate trees. I mentally noted how I could apply some techniques in our own garden too.

Now we're back into our own cosy home, ready to take up the hectic list of schedule we know that is ahead of us. First, the laundry.... Ah, but before that, I hope you are all well and wish you a good week too:)



  1. Hi Annie, we too prefer to have our holidays during the off peak seasons minus the crowd. I didn't know that Black Sea is such a beautiful place. Have a beautiful day!

  2. Wonderful holiday pictures Annie. Holidays are much better in the off peak seasons. First time I see the Black Sea (on a photo).
    Have a nice Sunday, Janneke

  3. Great photos Annie, it sounds like you certainly enjoyed this holiday and came back with lots of seeds for your garden too - bonus! Cheers :D)


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