Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Maria is still pouring in her harvest

Dear Family & Friends

I've lost the use of my home kitchen due to floor renovation works. The whole house is in a big mess for the moment and our neighbor Maria is still continuing bringing her extra harvest. With no work space, it's not easy. Some of them just had to be shared with our chickens and compost file. I feel bad  when I have to throw away good food, but I sometimes can't cope with it all.

A bucket full of small peaches from Maria

I must say that without a proper kitchen, some of the pre-made pickles and preserved food came very handy indeed. ... as I can only serve camping food, with all the chaos going on in our little house. Just a little bit more patience, and soon I'll get back my beautiful and functional home kitchen - once all works are done.

A sack full (was) of sweet peppers from Maria

For the moment, I'm so grateful for the garden sink...at least, I can still manage to do my daily dish washing chores outside, and process some more pickled peppers out of Maria's sack load of harvest.

salted sweet pepper slices weighted down to Lacto Ferment for a day

With the cold autumn air outside, I'm running out of time. The kitchen renovation must be done soon, my last gardening planting and transplanting have to be sorted... but I know I can't probably manage everything...if I can't...it's not the end of the world. 

Some days I am like a headless chicken. Should you be in the same situation as I am right now...let's just chill out together:)



  1. Hope your kitchen will be soon ready before the real cold comes in. Your neighbours have a great harvest.

  2. I know it very well.. past 6 months the same thing is going over me.. hope you'll get your kitchen very soon, I bet you are going to love that with new flooring..

  3. I know how it is when the kitchen is under renovation! I hope the renovation will complete soon. So kind and generous of your neighbour to share her plentiful harvest.

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