Saturday, 2 December 2017

Taking the challenges with joy

Dear Family & Friends

For three weeks, I was subjected to cook in the lounge, just using my slow cooker!! My home kitchen floor was ripped out because the existing cheap soft wood flooring, which was simply laid on top of dirt, start rotting caused by damp - giving a fowl smell. It was gross! We knew we had to deal with it without further delay. We have to make it right: excavate the dirt, put damp proofing and pour concrete floor, then floor tile. It was a very messy job. At one point, I freaked out - I was just so stunned!

another fresh salad - raw food

Feeding my family without a kitchen to work in - was not easy. Slow cooker is all I have. Pre-planning is needed all the time, and patience - because nothing is fast! We need warm food because cold autumn air was filling the house as we had to keep doors and windows wide open to dry up the works in the kitchen. Cold and dirty - nothing worst than this!

just a prettied up stew dish

The good thing is, my little family never complain eating the same or almost the same food for the time being. Basically...stew on slow cooker and some chopped fresh salad on the daily menu. 

Despite the million and one task on hand, our CEO tries his best to tackle everything - the best he could. Our two girls are ever so united and supportive - they too are great heroes:)

Perhaps next time, I can share with you all the beautiful works in our home kitchen..but for now, all I can say...we are almost there...just a few more rearranging details. I'm slowly getting my smiles back just thinking what beautiful kitchen we're going to get back, where lots of home cooked delicious and nutricious food happens.

It seems like there's just so much going on around us...but nothing stops us from going forward with lots of joy as we take all challenges with success! Hope your week is all good too.



  1. it is so hard without a kitchen... and it is the mess that gets me from house renovations

  2. This is tough especially when the weather is cold. But after all has been done, you will enjoy a nice comfortable home! It is worth the patience.

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