Monday 18 December 2017

Seasonal changes in our garden

Dear Family & Friends

The beginning of winter is already showing us it's presence. I don't go out to garden anymore except for a quick trip to snip some herbs to add to our soup or stew dish. As it was very sunny today and with unusually warm air, I decided to linger on to check what's going on in the veggie patch at this time. The vulnerable plants who can't stand the freezing temperature at night have already said their goodbyes. I'm not pulling up the dead plants and will leave it there till spring time. Many beneficial insects can shelter inside the hollow stems or under the masses of leaves this winter.

the aubergine plant decided to say goodbye and left one perfect fruit:)

I saw one aubergine that wasn't was glistening and calling my name. Such a blessing! for we all enjoyed this very last one veggie for this year - and it's top of our family's favorite too! Sad that there wasn't more. 

the chives collapses to the ground after a night chill

Another plant that we enjoy from our garden is the chives. There's still enough to gather to put into our favorite baked bread, but not for very long. They are slowly flattened to the ground due to coldness. Soon, they will disappear from sight but their roots stays safe underneath and will come back by spring time once again.

immatured figs left on trees as cold weather sets in

One sad sight in our garden are the fig trees. As soon as freezing temperature arrived, they immediately shed their beautiful leaves. Now that they are naked, we noticed that there's still a lot of fruits on the trees:( They didn't reach to the size before the time...and will not ripen anymore. I have to take them off the trees for composting. It's sad to see so many unripened figs but I'm sure we will have more next year.

beetroot seeds that landed on the dirt sprouted in time

Although some of the food we grow in the garden dies or hibernate for the winter, yet there are other cold resistant plants that we could still enjoy: root veggies like carrots, beets, some leafy greens like kale, argula, lettuce, chards, sorrel etc... These plants won't make any rapid growth anymore, yet they could cope and stay alive during our cold winter. Perhaps if I'm more organized in making a cover for them, they will do better...

lots of quince fruits falls onto the ground

The cold temperature outside is just not so inviting anymore to do gardening - well, at least not for me...but I've gathered enough food from the garden the past months which we will enjoy during my winter garden break:) But under our quince trees, I feel ashamed that I just left so many fruits to fall and rot on the ground. If I find some free time, I will go and rescue some and make some fruit compote out of it...otherwise, the chickens and garden worms will just have to deal it for me.

As season changes, it's time for me to change and engage into some of my quiet projects. I'm grateful that there's season for everything in life. Hope you are enjoying the seasonal changes in your life too.



  1. I only love winter because I can do then some projects inside which I always leave waiting for me on the cold days of winter. That glistening aubergine is very tempting you will have enjoyed it with your family.
    Regards, Janneke

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