Thursday 14 December 2017

Welcome bees into your garden

Dear Family & Friends

Here's our bee colony all ready and happy for the coming winter season. After checking that we have a healthy bee family, we decided that we could add additional level to the top of their hive. This will enable the bees to have extra storage for their honey and family expansion by spring time.

A layer was added to our existing hive so the bees can have more space for food

Although the air is getting cooler and cooler, yet, it's mostly sunny and beautiful..and it makes all the big difference. Most of our flowering plants have already said goodbye but there's still a lot of colours covering our garden as the calendulas still loves the cool weather. It's bright orange flowers fills the garden and the bees are still happy and enjoying them.

the calendula plants are still happy despite of cold freezing nights 

Some of us are enticed to keep bees for it's honey. Honey is definitely a bonus, but for me, the mere presence of having bees in the garden, whether they produces honey or not, is beautiful. They keep the garden vibrant and happy. Bees aid in producing a fruitful and productive garden too:) In my garden, I encourage as many species of bees by providing them their food source and shelter. So far, I can identify 5 species of bees - all very interesting and beautiful. Some bees lives in the hive provided for, others lives in mysterious places I'm not so sure exactly where - on wall crevices, in old logs or perhaps on holes underground.

perhaps it's not clear, but there's one tiny mason bee working on these flowers
As I go around the garden, I noticed so many little self seeded plants covering the ground - nothing special because they're what we call weeds...but as soon as the first sign of spring arrives, they will be the first flower nectar that the bees could go for:) Most important of all, having ground cover, even if they're just weeds, are essential. Just like me, I want our earth to be decently covered at all times. It's never a good idea to leave soil naked and exposed.

self seeding weeds that will provide the earliest food source for the bees comes spring

The more I learn about my garden friends - the bees- the more I understand that we should all be encouraged to have them in our gardens. They say that without the bees, mankind won't have plant food to survive. Enjoy your garden where you are and make the most out of it.



  1. A lovely post Annie, it's really nice to see your garden.
    Yes, the bees are so important to our survival and I agree it is a wonderful feeling having them in our gardens.
    Have a lovely Christmas time with your dear family. Cheers, Sue xx 🎁

  2. So true, Annie. We need the bees to do their important job in our garden. They are our garden friends.

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