Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Develop a moral character to achieve happiness

Dear Family & Friends

When the two girls were little, I taught them good moral character at every chance I get. I act immediately when they do wrong to rectify and let them know what is the good option. It was tiring...sometimes I felt like letting it all go, but I never did. Now, I can testify you that we are reaping the reward. It's not the end, we still constantly guide our two girls. Developing their moral character can only mean that our children will achieve happiness in their lifetime.

Everyone wants happiness in life. The key is very simple. You must always be absolutely true to yourself. This means that you refuse to compromise with your moral character. Refuse to wish, pretend or hope with something that is not true, when in your heart you know that it is. For eventually this affects yourself and others too.

You state the truth simply and honestly. You do not stay in relationship that is wrong for you or do not agree with or believe in. Remain true to yourself. Do not say things to other people that are not honest and sincere expression of your true believes. Insist and live in truth in all aspects of your life and constantly strive to become a better person by setting high standards and refuse to compromise them.

Remember, whenever you live consistently with your self in the highest value, you feel wonderful with yourself. You only compromise your values if you are unhappy with yourself. So always live up to the very best that is within you. This affects and ripples into every aspects of your life: personal and business relationship. A good relationship means everything...from trust to success:)

I share my inmost thoughts here for my family and friends because I want you all to have the very best in life too. These days I have plenty of time to reflect...for our cold winter break has arrived. Have a blessed week.


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