Friday 26 January 2018

The Confidence Cure

Dear Family & Friends

My job is to to do my job very well and continously think everyday how to be better than I was yesterday. With the cold winter season, I find myself confined indoors and it's a good time to take advantage in planning for the coming months, focusing on self improvements and motivations to keep myself and my family going forward for a successful living.

I realized that there are 3 things that we could face that would hold us back from moving forward:
  1. doubt and fear
  2. feelings of guilt and unworthiness
  3. feelings of  inferiority and undeserving
Sometimes there are people in our lives who can vastly contribute these negative effects in us - so, my greatest advice is to avoid such people. They probably don't mean and can't help do what they do.... but it is important that we should be aware of these things for the sake of our own self confidence.

Helping others build their self confidence in life is a very important aspect. We are here to build each other up for good. 'How?' -  you might ask. Well, the simple act of smiling works wonder. Every person have a deep down need to be accepted by other people unconditionally. without judgment or criticism. A smile is an indication of your acceptance of them.

Just my thoughts for the day. I hope you go through life, looking for opportunities to make people feel valuable and special. It won't cost much since:  a simple smile and one kind word works wonder. Have a good day.


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