Saturday 31 March 2018

Is a university degree a door to opportunities?

Dear Family & Friends,

Is a university degree the door to work opportunities for our youngsters? My husband was talking  to one French friend who got two children, exact age as our two daughters. Their oldest daughter is in university, while ours has been on full time job for a while now. The friend was so puzzled because she said that in France it is impossible to get a job, even for a university degree holder, as competition is too big these days.

entrance door that has stood there for years

Since our daughter couldn't make up her mind what she wants to take for a university degree, she decided to apply for her first job instead. Yes, a 9-5 office job as what most people would go for. 

Within 10 days, both jobs she applied for offered her a position! - that's without a university degree, contrary to what many believe is essential. If we told the French friend that our daughter has never been to a 'school' in her life - probably she would fall off the chair after the conversation?!

old ornate door

Let me tell you that the husband of this French friend got his own business and most recently they advertised for a candidate to fill a post in their company. They got 200 applicants - all with university degrees - but only one got hired. My question is what happens to the 199 other applicants:( 

When our daughter presented herself for job application, she presented her skills and personal character. The fact that she doesn't have a university degree or has been to a 'school' ever - was not an issue at all. Does this prove that perhaps expensive education system is a 'con' business?

one big mighty tree - soon it will sprout back to shade of greeneries after winter dormancy

To date, our daughter is learning a lot from her present job. It's a good company, offering training opportunities, and very focused on team building and putting values on their employees. But since our daughter is not used to being in a 'box'... being employed is proving her that it's not what she sees herself doing for life either. She's realizing more that she wants to set up her own business - hopefully soon. 

Thus, I still believe that parents are the key to their children's success as they guide them to be their own person. I don't think you can get those personal guidance from a university or a school, to land a successful career. Just my thoughts. Wishing you a good day today.



  1. It is true.. I'm not working past ten years, before that I was in corporate sector, but if now I want to go back in same position no companies even going to call me for interview..:(

  2. Over here, it is so important to get a degree, some even striving to go higher with all the paper chasing! But not everyone of these gets good opportunities.


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