Thursday 5 April 2018

Plant propagations going on

Dear Family & Friends

I was pruning the lavender bushes so that it will grow more compact. I gather the cuttings to use as mulch covering for the soil, and some of it I stick onto the ground, and hope that they will take roots.

my way of propagating lavender: stick cuttings straight into the ground and hope for the best

Not all of them will take roots, but some will...even with this lazy method. It's the ideal time of  the year again for sowing and, I have to do what I must do.

a commercial business propagating new start of goji berry plants

Many plants are easily propagated. We visited a gojiberry farmer and he propagates his berries with much seriousness than how I do it with some of my plants. Well, he have to as he does this for commercial business.

Lots of goji berry plants in a commercial greenhouse

He got a big green house where he grows on his rooted goji berries to bigger pots before transplanting them onto his field. I'm sure with all the automated misting, almost 100% will be successful.

This fig tree branch is now putting out new leaves after the winter rest

Back to my garden, not all of my plants needs to be propagated the figs. Since I've already ran out of space where I can grow more. Perenial plants are now growing and coming back themselves every year to my joy.

One fig tree branch snugged into the crevice of a wall, perhaps so warm that it's leaves is more advanced and with fruit

Our fig trees are all planted near the property walls because they can have more protection from cold. But during my garden walk, I noticed that one of the tree have pushed a branch into the wall...this branch must be warmer than the rest that it even starts shooting out new leaves and little fruits. It made me smile when I saw it.

It's busy time when I get to the garden...but there's nothing better than that! Happy gardening to you too.


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  1. We have kept the pots in our bay window.. our bay window is acting as a green house now..:)


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