Wednesday 25 April 2018

Fruit trees blossoms

Dear Family & Friends

It's the season of fruit tree blossoms over here. Every year it never fails to bring us the same excitement to see and enjoy the beauty of our fruit trees blossoms. It smells so good and if you come close to it, the noise of the buzzing bees on the flowers are deafening.

our young purple plum tree with it's record breaking blossoms this year

We have lots of blooms from our plum and cherry trees for the moment...and I can't help but imagine the many fruits I would be eating from it. - my greedy thoughts!!

clusters of flowers to keep the bees happy

So grateful for the hundreds and hundreds of bees in the garden who are all working so hard in pollinating each and every flowers so that it will turn and form into a fruit for us. I feel so happy to watch them in their madness. I can tell you that our bees here are certainly overfed!

this is our favourite crunchy sweet cherry fruit tree

It was just a month ago when all of our fruit trees were bare looking, lifeless while they hibernated for the winter. Then slowly a miracle happens and they all woke up to put up flower buds and new leaf buds on every stems! Everything is so fresh and new...isn't that something to be excited about?!

Sending you all good things and wishing you a lovely day.


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  1. They are flowering!! they are looking so gorgeous!


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