Friday, 20 April 2018

No nakedness allowed in the garden

Dear Family & Friends

Another beautiful day to play with in our garden...So, we took advantage and enjoyed the most out of it. We worked hard but it was a kind of work that we get so much pleasure despite the aches and pains for overdoing things once again - Ah...that's gardening:)

no nakedness is allowed in the garden

With the constant sunny days we have here, it is wise not to leave the garden soil bare and naked under the sun. We have to care and respect our living soil. There's lots of living microbes in the soil and other creatures, all vital to keep the soil healthy in order to produce healthy plants and good food for us to grow in our garden. A cover would keep our soil moist and stops rapid evaporation.

my lemon grass is mulched with grass clippings to keep it warm and moist

We let weeds grow along with all the purposely planted plants because a living plant creates a biodiversity of nutrients to feed the soil. With all the dense growth, it also acts as a ground cover. But as spring progresses on, the warmth sunshine makes all the plants grow crazy that we have to somehow cut them back and we use it as a mulch resource - back into the garden:)

our fruit orchard area where we gather tons of garden mulch resource

Another good thing with these free resource is that: these self seeding weeds produces a lot of flowers that feeds the bees and butterflies in our garden too. It's a winner's concept:)

one of the many variety of dainty weeds we use for mulching

At the end of the day, we've collected buckets and buckets of green mulch - all for free, and I placed them on top of garden areas to act as a cover to the many seedlings that are popping up - in fact I mulched every bare soil that I could see:) So pleased with all the works done and earned another goodnight sleep in the process Zzzzz:)

my front garden bed all thickly mulched up:)

Gardening is such a good therapy for all. Hope you are enjoying your garden too:)



  1. I know what you mean by the hard work or play in the garden. At the end of the day, we can enjoy a deep sleep to refresh our body. You have a big garden to play or work with!

  2. It was real hard work.. you did such an incredible job..


  3. Thank you Annie for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed yours. The blinds is a wonderful idea. I would not like to live in a city.


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