Sunday, 15 April 2018

Sleepover for an old girl?

Dear Family & Friends

Such a beautiful time of the year over here - season wise, and there's equally lots of new stages and chapter of life that is opening up for our family. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed how blessed we are. It's all exciting but sometimes 'old me' is hesitant of moving forward as I find comfort in familiar and routine ways of life.

cool and sunny - just lovely:)

This week I took a  'sleep over' invitation. Not typical of this old girl but I was game to give some pleasure to our two girls. Yes...just a sleepover in our city apartment and I tried my best to make it as exciting as it sounds. The apartment is nice and my two company are even nicier - but I lasted only a night, as I really prefer our village home.

our city of Plovdiv

This week we also shared challenges as daughter 1 faces a new direction in her career. It was only five months ago when she started her very first job with a British owned company. After only two months, she knew it was not the job she likes to invest her life in. 

As parents, we do all our best to help and guide our children. With her skills and talent, we guided her to easy transition. It literally took her only 40 minutes from the time she sent in her CV to a big Chinese firm, and got an immediate job interview offer!! She really surprised us when we heard her speak Mandarin and wrote in Chinese for this position! I can't tell you how she can speak the language because we don't speak it at home and she have never been exposed to a Chinese speaking community or school?! We're proud of this girl:)

a road pavement - Do you see it as flock of flying birds?

We believe this year is going to be a great year and we're just at the start of it:) Our CEO says I have to start running and just go for it. I can't and am not allowed to be an old girl. Hope you are staying on top of a good year too!



  1. wow!! congratulation to your is really astonishing that she can read write, and speak Mandarin.. I heard that is very hard language, and difficult to learn...

  2. Thank you for sharing valuable information nice post,I enjoyed reading this post.


  3. Congratulations to your girl! We may be old in age but we are always young in heart!


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