Monday, 4 June 2018

Fascinated with the beauty of a century egg

Dear Family & Friends

When my children were small, the eldest one is a bit particular with her food because she uses pre imagination before eating. Then the day came when I tried to introduce her to one of my favourite delicacy - the century egg.

The century egg

From the name century egg itself, she quickly concluded that it is old and rotten food. Once it was peeled, she was convinced that her thinking was right because it looks black in comparison to ordinary boiled egg. She refused to taste it. Those days I had all century eggs to myself as there's no other takers in our family.

a beautiful snowflake imprint on the century egg was formed

But time moves on, the girls became older and wiser. They realized that what mother likes to eat must be good. Century eggs are specially preserved eggs. It's either you like them or not. Just like the blue cheese, moldy and fermented, odd but delicious. I'm all for strong food taste.

Gone are the days, when I have special delicacy food all to myself. Now, my little family are all sharing them with me. Yes, we have to divide and have equal shares to everything these days.

ordinary boiled egg halves and a century egg halve to the right

Somehow I'm glad that the girls broaden their thinking ways in many aspect...well, I don't mind sharing either.

Hope your day is wonderful. Keep happy.


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