Wednesday 30 May 2018

Bird Cage Lighting Feature

Dear Family & Friends

This week we had the opportunity to finish our own designed lighting pendant for our city apartment. It didn't cost much and it's one of it's kind as it's all conceptualized and crafted by our family team. Another project that brought us joy.

our very own crafted bird cage lighting pendant

This project was not complicated and we are so pleased with the outcome. We found this very pretty decorative bird cage and we also bought a few pieces of feathered crafted birds online, shipped for free, from China.

it's decorative and it's also a lighting feature

There's a small light bulb which was thread through on top of the bird cage. It's really that simple and very effective.

our three quiet greeters

Since these birds are not real, they don't mind being pretty in their equally pretty cage. They bring smiles to our faces upon entering our apartment:)

All for now. Sending you good wishes for the week.


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  1. The cage is lovely, and the decorative birds too..


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