Thursday 28 June 2018

ladder for bathroom and pretty flowers in the garden

Dear Family & Friends

Just a few photos to share - a glimpse of what's around at this time.

Aloe vera flower

I've never seen an aloe vera flower, till the ones I grew in pot surprised us with an unusual orangey spike.

working area

I still carry on potting little plants to transplant in our veggie garden - mostly tomatoes, pepper, eggplant and cucumbers, as catch up crops. I have also been harvesting our garlic and I need to braid them up and hang to dry further on.

homemade towel rack

Back in out city apartment, we made a homemade ladder, using some of our garden sticks, to hang towel in the bathroom. It's such an easy thing to do and is serving the purpose without having to drill on to walls.

daylily flowers

The daylilies in the garden are all in bloom. I've scattered and planted them everywhere and am glad I did because it's a beautiful sight when you see long upright stalks with orange flowers popping up everywhere. I reminded myself to harvest some of it's flower buds to dry as they are so delicious with chinese stew...I have yet to do it , as I've been busy with many other things!

All for now. Hope you are enjoying your day with a constant smile.


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