Monday, 2 July 2018

A tiny but very productive garden

Dear Family & Friends

It was one beautiful sunny Saturday. After the weekdays' where we've all been working on our own individual work responsibilities, we thought we would go for a day trip somewhere near - for a change. There's a place called Krichim, up the mountain where it sits majestically on a big lake.

we went pass thru the mountain via a tunnel

It's a nice 45 minutes drive from our city apartment. Not far at all to enjoy such a serene and beautiful scenery. We've been here before but the area never fails to fascinate us. We crossed thru the foot of a mountain - thru the tunnel and immediately, we are greeted with a spectacular deep water lake on the otherside of the mountain. Part of this lake generates electricity for the area.

we were so high up looking down this waterway

We revisit another area of the lake where there are floating houses- they look like restaurants but perhaps it's a private property or for club organization only. It looks empty and only those with boats can reach them.

A tiny and narrow vegetable garden on the cliff side

From where we stood to admire it all, something else caught our attention. On the edge of the cliff was a very tiny vegetable garden. It was just about 3 feet by 9 feet long only.

this garden overlooks a big lake

Despite the size, it was neatly planted with various vegetables and herbs. There were at least 20 tomato plants, a dozen cabbages, a group of cucumbers, dill, mint, parsley etc... It was impressive and I'm sure this garden can provide an all year food for a family.

All the wooden stakes got a tomato plant

It proves that with just a tiny space, food abundance with not much cost can be achieved. That day, I'm more inspired with getting on with my own planting in our home garden. It was a good day out.

Wishing you a nice day today too.


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