Wednesday 19 September 2018

Always go forward

Dear Family & Friends

A garden with a pomagranate tree always looks magical to me, specially when they are laden with red ball shape fruits! They just command your attention. I always wanted a pomagranate tree in our garden. The first one I planted died on me but I was still determined to grow it, so I went and bought another tree to plant. I change it's location to one place that I can easily notice everyday. I'm giving it a very special care and so far so good. One day I know that it will bring a magical feel to my dream garden. 

a fruitful pomagranate tree in someone's garden

In life you just have to keep on trying even if you face set back or failure. If you are so determined, you will figure a way and reach your goal:)

a deflated bread but still very delicious:)

My little girl is in charge of bread making in our home. Nothing complicated as she uses the aid of a bread machine. No one bread comes out the same as she often changes her mix depending on seasonal produce. She could be doing a bread with grated courgette, or grated apples with cinnamon, or with herbs, all depending on what's in our garden. It's all done using her imagination without proper measurement or recipe. Usually she hits it right and we all enjoy her work. Of course there are times the bread comes out deflated...but still very delicious and appreciated by all.

In our family, we do experience obstacles from time to time just like everyone else in life ...but we always go forward. Well, hope you do the same too:)



  1. Your pomagranate tree is beautiful. Should like to grow them here, but I'm sure that is not possible in our climate outside.

  2. you pomegranate tree is awesome..


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