Monday, 24 September 2018

Fruit overload

Dear family & Friends

At this time of the year, with the arrival of first autumn air, it brings a mix emotion whenever I go to the garden. The sun is shining but the air is cooler. Slowly you start to notice that some of the plants looks a bit tired, probably because of cold night. Then a bit of their leaves are starting to show yellow tints...soon they will start falling. With the cool breeze blowing during the day, I start hearing lots of rustling noises. All these reminds me, that soon some of them will go into hibernation for a while. My garden won't be as fun and full when they do that:(

these grapes taste like honey.

Yet, it's at this time of the year, when we get lots of harvest to eat from our garden too. We had lots of grapes to fill our tummy till we couldn't take anymore. This year I repent of my wasteful ways. A lot of the grapes starts drying up like raisins while still on vines. As other fruiting trees in our garden are likewise calling us with their ripening fruits.

a variety of grapes collected from our garden

Of the 12 fig trees I planted in our garden, so far only 4 trees are bearing fruits for us. Just imagine the abundance we are already harvesting. Fig is our most favorite fruit. I probably eat at least 6 figs a day myself but slowly, we noticed that we are harvesting more and more each day. They seem to grow their fruit overnight! So, I eat some more till it makes me so full that I forego a meal!

a big bowl of figs harvested today

Now that we are on fig overload mode, I noticed one of the girls have given up on this most coveted fruit, when just weeks ago, she can't wait to harvest some more.

I'm sure there's several ways of using these figs even on cooked meal

I'll probably have to start searching for ways on how to preserve these fruits before it starts going into waste. I don't really fancy making jams but perhaps I could learn how to freeze them and use them in various other cooking ways later. No, we mustn't waste whatever is given to us.

Enjoy your day too.



  1. Delicious figs and grapes. I had a disaster in the grapes: wasps.......
    Regards, Janneke

  2. Your grapes and figs are so abundant! What a bountiful harvest!


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