Saturday, 29 September 2018

Weekend Holiday - La Mer

Dear Family & Friends

We had a quick weekend holiday to the Black Sea - our once a year summer sea coast treat. As usual, we choose the time when majority of the holiday makers had already their fill - so it's quieter for us to enjoy it all. This time we went to Fort Noks - not the 'high security' establishment that most of us knows of... this is just the beach resort in bulgaria.

Fort Noks Holiday Resort in Black Sea
The apartment accommodation have met our approval and we had buffet breakfast, lunch buffet and dinner buffet all included. There were a few outdoor pools with salty water and water slides to enjoy and the sea is just a walking distance too.

As always there's the never ending buffet
To burn off all the calories due to eating all day long...some of us took the challenges of what the gym offers.

only managed to burn off 9 calories?!

As for me, I tried to keep them all with me. I did enjoy eating specially as I didn't need to cook any of it:) So, it's truly a holiday in my opinion:)

healthy food choice

Back home, everyday is reminding me of the autumnal weather. The air is crispy cool and I think I better do some last minute sowing of cool loving veggie salad leaves before it's all too late. I've got to get back to my daily routine:)

Wishing you a nice day too.


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  1. What a beautiful place you have chosen for your holiday. You can enjoy both the swimming pool and the sea water. We always tend to overeat at buffets.


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