Monday 18 March 2019

My happy book

Dear Family & Friends

While waiting for the winter season to passby... I decided to have a look at my happy book. I haven't opened this pad for a couple of years, and it brought back memories of the things I did in the past.

my sketch book is called 'happy book'

There's not many things to see in my happy book because it has yet to be filled up whenever I can get my hand on it.

my happy book contains a few drawing/artwork in it

Inside, there's a few drawings I did in the past: some nice, and some not so nice. but it's all an amateur artwork.

a visiting guest also contributed an art drawing in my happy book

A couple of drawings in my happy book are done by a visiting little daughter. It certainly brought some smiles as I go over the pages looking at some of the artworks:)

Time is an interesting aspect of life. The past and the future...but I do enjoy the present time, and always aims to make the most out of it. Hope you are enjoy your day everyday too.



  1. Aww!! I love your happy book!

  2. Your happy book is absolutely delightful Annie. Thanks for sharing. I love to see art by other people, it's always enjoyable and yours and your dear guest is especially so :D)

  3. Your happy book has a happy cover. Have a happy weekend!


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