Saturday 23 March 2019

New favorite: the apricot tree blossom

Dear Family & Friends

Sometimes it feels like spring has arrived, other times the wind chill brings about some doubts. This causes me to be as pickled minded as the weather. Should I start my gardening fun or shall I delay it a bit further on before I do my frenzie seed sowing? 

an apricot tree waking up for springtime with its blossom

As I look around, I know some of our fruit trees are already telling me that spring is now here. My two Apricot trees has already put out their white flower petals with a matching red base that was once a bud covering, and is now cupping the white bloom.

just look at these two tiny flowers that popped out of the main tree trunk

Fruit tree blossoms are so beautiful and uniquely intriguing! Some of our fruit trees put out the flowers on their bare tree branches before putting out any leaves as a sign that they are now awaken from their long hibernation mode. Others would put leaves buds first and along comes the blossoms. Yet, there's other fruit trees that puts no flowers at all,  but will produce fruits nonetheless, as the case with fig trees.

the shiny red tinted tree branch is another beauty bonus

Several species of fruit trees in our garden brings out their own characteristic and beauty as spring times arrives. With great joy, we appreciate each of them - designed and created so beautiful in their ways by the Maker! It's all genius to me and every year I stand amazed:)

Hope you are having an amazing day too:)


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