Saturday 27 April 2019

Perfect everyday

Dear Family & Friends

Everyday seems to be a perfect day over here. I love to live in the garden all day long if at all possible. With the 42 fruit trees planted in our garden and each one of them are coming back to life after their winter hibernation, it's simply a beautiful sight to watch:) The bees are as happy as I am.

perfect blue sky

Inside our home is just as happy place as it is in the garden. My little family are busy with their individual works and they are all taking the challenges before them with joy. I am truly blessed indeed. In days like these, I just keep on sowing seeds and propagating plants everywhere to keep my garden soil well covered later on. I suspect it will be a long hot summer ahead...yikes!

blossoms and new leaves: all promising new life and new hope 

I'm predicting I will have so much excess food harvest to feed an army in a couple of months to come too. Since there's only four of us in our family and our whole village is as rich in their yearly food abundance, I'm hoping to share our excess to strangers living in the city this year. Share it with anybody who would accept our garden food offer. It would be an interesting thing to do : to distribute fresh organic food for free in a car parking area near our city apartment. We will see if my plan will materialize... I'll work on it and will let you know.

For now, I must get back to my work - my happy work outside on a perfect day. Hope you do the same too and enjoy your day.


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  1. Spring is beautiful. You will have abundant harvest from so many fruit trees. You are generous and I am sure your offer will be much appreciated.


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