Thursday 2 May 2019

We eat weeds - the nettle soup

Dear Family & Friends

Our little family have developed a more refined taste over the years. I asked them if they fancy a spinach soup or a sting nettle soup - its kind of a silly question because I already knew what they would answer - only the very best, when it comes to making choices!

super green nettle soup on offer in our kitchen only in spring time

If you haven't tried nettle soup, it's about time. Nettle are considered most dreaded weeds - they sting your skin with their hairy stems/leaves, and it hurts. But I still grow them in my garden because they taste delicious - something like spinach, only better:)

clean organic stinging nettles in our garden for a nutricious soup ingredients

It's a perennial plant and in spring time it's the best time to enjoy them as they start their new growth. With a few chopped up potatoes, sautee it with herbs of your choice till the potatoes cook, then add a big bunch of young nettle shoots and top up with boiling water or chicken stock. That's quick nutricious soup all done. My girls like it a bit pureed with immersion blender afterwards. 

so much tarragon and parsley growing in just this little area

With the nettle soup, you can sprinkle some black pepper and add extra virgin olive oil. This makes it more delicious. Green soup don't stay long in our kitchen - not a drop gets left in the pan either - and nettle soup is only on offer in spring time!

There's just so much good food found in the nooks and crannies of our home garden - I love that we learned to enjoy eating weeds and you actually can't buy them from any shop/supermarket. Got to let weeds grow too! Enjoy your day.


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  1. Nettle is new to me. There is so much to learn about edible weeds. The super green soup looks yummy.


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