Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Sting nettle vs Stingless nettle plants

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Last time, I wrote about nettle soup. This time, I want to introduce you a bit of this nettle weeds that we have in our garden. There's two kinds of nettle plants that I allow to grow: both spring time food - one is loved my the bees and the other by the humans:)

sting nettles - they are edible weeds

Our family eats the new growth of 'stinging nettle' in spring time. Mainly as soup because that's all I know how to cook it. Once the plant because old, the leaves gets tough and it's not so nice to consume anymore. By then, this plant becomes food for certain garden butterflies who loves it too. I also use this plant to make natural liquid fertilizer for my garden plants by soaking it to compost in water before use. As you can see, this stinging nettle is a very versatile plant.

stingless nettle or known as dead nettles

The other nettle plant we allow to grow in our garden is the self seeded 'dead nettle' plant. This is an early food source for the bees. The bees really loves the nectar of these flowers. It's a nettle plant but it doesn't have the sting when you touch them. Once the bees finish with this plant, I simply chop and drop them in the garden to nourish and enrich the soil.

varigated vinca

It sounds like we just have nettles growing in the garden...well not so, because for the moment I'm also enjoying the rampant growth of the vinca plants and a lot more...because spring time makes every plants happy. Hope you're having a happy day too:)


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