Sunday, 16 June 2019

Life in our garden

Dear Family & Friends

With T-storms predicted for our summer this year, I don't think we will have shortage of water for the garden as it comes with  sprinkling of rain. It's not the usual norm as we are used to hot dry summer and I'm not complaining at all:)

our pet tortoise amongst the chamomile

I let everything grow in our garden..simply because it would be impossible for me to physically cope with everything. I have to develop a chill out character when it comes to gardening as summer progresses on.  A garden is a lot of work but I believe it is to be enjoyed too!

courgette popping out of it's seed pod sown in pot

By now, most of the seedlings in pots have been transplanted to their proper designated area. Some plants I do direct seed sowing but for others that are more vulnerable to attack from slugs and snails, it has to be preplanted in pots for better chance of survival.

snail who crawled up a wooden post and a lavender flower stem decided to lean on it

My garden has a very natural set up. Despite the presence of pest, we refrain from interfering with nature as we also have predators as garden inhabitants. Nature has a way to deal everything themselves and so I don't interfere with their job assignments. 

a birdie found in my garden patch who didn't want to fly away

As the garden gets more and more established, we also noticed lots of different species of butterflies, bees and birds. One day we found a bird on the ground and it doesn't seem to want to fly away. We didn't know whether it's injured or orphaned. We worried for this one because there's also visiting cats in our garden...but the best thing we could do was to hope that this bird could sort itself as in the wild.

It's one exciting garden that is full of life. Full of awesome wonder as I look around...yes, I think to myself....what a wonderful world:)


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