Friday, 21 June 2019

The season of Fruits and Flowers in the garden

Dear Family & Friends

As I was working in the vegetable garden one morning, a bee became agitated. I was warned with her angry buzz but never quite understood the reason why. Due to my insistence, I got stung! I was sad because that bee had to die after giving her sting. The sting itself was not painful and I didn't react to swelling. When stung, just pull out the stinger and rub some honey over the affected area. The truth is: a mosquito bite is worst than a bee sting. 

Lately, we had a lot of thunderstorm and rain. Everything in the garden seems to be growing on steroid! I'm frantic on transplanting my seedlings in pots while the ideal weather of overcast and showers is predicted, just to get my full advantage in my garden work. There's just so much to do: There's lots of food to harvest, tomatoes to be tied up to keep them from going crazy all over the garden plot, creeping vineweeds to pull up, as they go rampant in their growth too. etc... 

We have been eating berries, between our tortoise and us - that is, whoever gets it first. There's strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries at the moment for picking.

ripening gooseberries

While our little family enjoys the fruits from the garden, there's also plenty of salad vegetables and herbs. Our garden friends like the bees and butterflies also enjoys the abundance of blooms everywhere. The roses, lavender and daylilies that I've panted in large amount all over the garden are just rewarding us with great joy.

the lavender bushes are filled with hundreds of  buzzing bees!

Most of the flowers planted in our garden are also edible. We particularly like the daylily is delicious. For the moment, I won't hesitate incorporating it in our daily meals:) This plant is worth planting: it's beautiful, edible and very easy to grow too. At the end of the season, I will also gain lots of material for compost to enrich our soil and next year it starts all over again.

 win-win plant to have in the garden - the daylily:)

I'm just so happy being in the garden and I hope you find the same joy too. Life is good.


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  1. Hi Annie, good advice to rub the sting with some honey - I didn't know about that remedy, thank you :D)
    Your garden is looking lovely and your tortoise is obviously very happy being able to feast on the berries.


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