Friday 26 July 2019

Our daily harvest portion

Dear Family & Friends

I was so tired the other day that I spend most of the time resting. While it is essential to rest, it is not OK for me to be lazy. I can say summer's heat cost me sleepless nights and sluggish mental  state during the day, but sometimes I do take resting too far. If I procrastinate too much, I realize that no one was going to make our dinner. So, I had to get the courage to do the work.

the most freshest harvest I picked for today from our garden

We all get tired. We all suffer from aches and pains, some more than others. It is important to rest and take breaks, but we must also overcome to face our responsibilities. I always remind myself not to baby myself too much. 

one of our favorite - stir fry garden vegetables and flowers that's in season:)

After a sufficient rest, I got to the kitchen to prepare our simple main meal for the day. This gave me the strength and energy to get back to normal. I was happy having done some work:)

the next day's harvest - looks almost the same as yesterday - still yummy choice!

One thing good with summer season is that we all tend to just want to eat something light - like veggie meals which are quick to prepare:). Having vegetables to harvest from the garden seems to be the right thing as well :)

Hope you are not too busy always, for there's also time to rest and relax too:) Enjoy your day.



  1. What do daylily buds taste like?

    1. It taste earthy, perhaps slightly sweet. I can't really describe it well enough except that we find it delicious and most of all the crunchy texture that it brings to the dish as we cook it as last minute addition to retain it's freshness.

    2. Thanks. I have a lot of daylily -- I really should throw some in a veg dish to try. :-D

    3. Got to try it Kris. You might end up liking it too. Chinese version of stew dishes uses it. Usually sold as/in dried form, known as 'golden needle', so you can get some recipe ideas thru google. I'm glad you also enjoy daylily in your plant to have and grow:) Enjoy your day!

    4. You convinced me to try, Annie. Ate a couple raw -- delicate crisp, flavor of garden pea/bean, lovely. No wonder the deer ravage my plantings every year. Next year - me first! Thanks for the post. :-D


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