Sunday 21 July 2019

Living in a real world

Dear Family & Friends

We live in a very fast pace, noisy and material driven world, and people nowadays are feeling more anxious and stressed more than ever before. The anti-dote is to live a simple life. We are only temporary inhabitant in this land, and it is not ours to own. The only reason why we're here - is because of God's grace and I live in peace with this knowledge:)

my fig illustration using ballpoint writing pen

Lately, I have been inspired to do some botanical drawings. It  never occurred to me to express the joy that I see everyday from our garden into a piece of paper. I still don't have the right drawing pen nor paper to get going with this activity, instead I just use what I have on hand. All an amateur job but I am enjoying what I do and grateful for my Maker who gave me the skill to learn new things in life.

lemons illustration done just using ballpoint writing pen
I probably have a very simple thoughts and aspiration in life but there's just so many exciting things to look forward to as I develop gratefulness and patience in everything I do.

Have a slow living and enjoy each minute.


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  1. Annie, your art is so beautiful. Using what we have around us is what its all about. The detail and proportion to your drawings is so pleasing to the eye. You're very creative and I look forward to seeing more of your artwork :D)


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