Thursday, 11 July 2019

This is what summer means in our garden

Dear Family & Friends

This year, our summer is warm as usual, but we also have many thunderstorm which is not usual. I really don't mind thunderstorm even though it creates a lot of humidity before the downpour. Once it rained, everything gets cool which makes a nice summer for me:) and it also mean that my garden gets watered too:) I have so much to be thankful for this great blessing from Above:)

our sky are full of clouds these days

At this time, flowers bloom here and there and seed heads develop. I always let plant seeds ripen so I can collect and have seeds to plant again next year. Sometimes, I just let them fall where they are. It will self seed when the right time comes again for them to start growing.

This is a carrot seed head - beautiful and bees loves it too.

There's a lot of fruits in our garden to collect but since our mulberry tree is not matured enough to give us it's fruit, our two girls still loves to go around the village where there are Mulberry trees. It's sad when we see mulberries just going to waste, if left unpicked, because mulberries are very delicious fruit.

mulberry picked from our village tree

Summer also mean that we get to grill fish or sausages out in the garden. Grilled food is ideal for outdoor and from time to time we enjoy them this way.

grilling fish and sweet pepper outside

The bees in the garden is just as happy with all the work they get during the summer season. It seems like the busier they get, the happier they are with all the noise they do.

bees are happy with summer abundance

Summer is a season to be outside in the garden. With all the trees and seems cooler out there. We count our blessings everyday and I hope you are enjoying your summer days too.


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