Saturday 10 August 2019

Keeping on top with the summer garden

Dear Family & Friends

The summer garden is packed with all sorts of plants: layered with trees, bushes, undercover plants, and that includes weeds - my secret gardening strategy is simple:  I only pull out those in-edible weeds out from time to time:) That means there's not that much to weed:) One annual weeds that covers our garden is purslane, but we eat them and if we can't manage to consume as much, they remain there to act as a living mulch and eventually it will die back to incorporate nutrients to our soil when summer is over .

the ground is covered with various plants to keep moisture and shade
At some point of time, I need to make some space to plant some veggies for autumn! So this week, I tackled one spot in our garden that I haven't done any work for a long time. So, I ended up with one big mount of evil weeds - the creeping perennial couch grass!!

my pile of uprooted couch grasses left to dry on pavement before using it as mulch

Glad it wasn't a big space to work on. I pulled and dug till the hand trowel made a small dent on the palm of my hand - OUCH!...but in the end I managed to have a big enough clear space to grow more than a hundred onion bulbs. That will come handy for winter to spring season. Happy:)

I found some clear space to grow more onions:)

When the garden gets so dense, I always think I'm running out of space...but it's not the case, so I've got to work some more while I'm onto it:) Hope you are enjoying your day too.


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