Thursday, 15 August 2019

Went to buy another property

Dear Family & Friends

It was Sunday night, a property seller called to say that a meeting with a lawyer for the sale of the property is arranged for the following day. Talk about 'Impromptu'!! and all we need was to take our personal identification documents and some money to buy the property - of course! So, we got to my drawer, scraped and counted some money out - perfect! just exactly the amount we needed! Isn't that amazing? This isn't your normal transaction but it happens here:)

the little house looks nice and with few more work, it will be much better later:)

In between work schedules of the following work day, the meeting was slotted in between all parties and at the end of the day, documents were signed and transaction finalized. We just bought another property:) It was one long and very busy day! Not much different from doing our monthly grocery shopping, except that we need lawyer and licensed translator along with us to do the transaction.

our new garden looks very fertile because the annual weeds are almost 6 feet tall!

We don't do this often nor does it happens often, but it's one memorable experience to put in this journal. So many things are happening around us...our life has always been an exciting one, we just don't know what tomorrow brings but we are to be ready at all times:) Mind you, the layback character of our CEO sometimes comes very handy in times like this... for everyone's sake:)

More to come on this but for now...let's enjoy our day!


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