Tuesday 24 September 2019

Racing with time in preserving all our fruits from the garden

Dear Family & Friends

I'm getting frantic. Our CEO came back from the garden with 4 of ten-litre-buckets, full of grapes harvest and he said: 'I haven't even made a dent, there's a lot more out there!'. Now, this set me on a panic mode! Normally, he just brings back one bucket at a time because it takes us a while to finish eating it. But as time goes on, and the grapes hanging on the vines are getting too ripe that it attracts lots of wasp and some of them are literally drying up under the sun.

just some of the grapes harvested from the garden - and there's more to come

Quickly I search on how to preserve all those grapes without wasting the effort and time of our CEO who diligently did the harvesting.  It will take me a few days to process it all. I decided to dehydrate them and turn them into raisins. Some I will freeze as I only have one dehydrator. I'm glad that washing them won't take much time as it's all organic with no residue of chemicals coated on each grapes. It's just a matter of rinsing the dust off the bunches of grapes.

purple grapes to be dehydrated as raisins

My dehydrator has been on constantly. One of the girls also goes to the garden and delivers me  buckets of figs harvest every week. We can only eat so much fresh fruits in a day, so the urgency of preservation is constantly at my back. It's feels like I'm racing with time everyday.

summer fruits from the garden comes by bucketful

Our summer brings on these abundance from the garden, but once it's over, it will all wind down for the winter season, only to restart again in spring next year. All is just but for a season.

I sometimes find life overwhelming, but it's important to remember to chill out and take everything a day at a time. Let's go and have a good day today!


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