Thursday, 19 September 2019

The before and after works done this week

Dear Family & Friends

We finally took our summer holiday by the sea for the year - as soon as school holiday ended - it's perfect time for us as everything is not as busy and manic anymore:)

Nonetheless, we also managed to finish some little jobs here and there- at home, in the adjacent property. Work was done slowly, taking each day at a time as there's no pressure to do so otherwise. In the garden, the weeds were flatten out and thus we're able to see the extend of the area:)

in the garden - before

There's a dozen of different fruit trees and long lines of grapes of various sorts. Despite being neglected for a couple of years, we still managed to harvest a lot of fruits, and more to come. As for the grapes, we noticed that a lot of wasp has been feasting on it for it is so sweet. So, it's a bit competitive market out there. We let them have some and we have some too. Enough for everyone:)

in the garden - after

As for the existing house, we found out that it was left uncleared with lots of personal belongings, including photos etc... So many clothes laying on the bed and the cupboards were full too! We have to clear and place them in bags and we hope that the previous owner's family will come and collect it, otherwise...what shall we do with it?

in the house - before

It was not a pleasant job to clear those personal items of other people, but the family team were very game to work as a unit. We will use this house for some business venture we have in mind, but first, there's new windows to put in and other upgrading renovations to do....but all in due time.

in the house - after

This weekend, we still managed to pop into the city for a bit of shopping. The ladies got a couple of pretty summer dresses on sales:) they're happy with that too. For midday meal, we usually just buy take away food and enjoy them in the comfort of our cozy little it's a relaxing time for everyone while we are out and about. 

a plate of fresh tomato salad,fried cheese,aubergine in tomato sauce,creamy chicken and mushroom

It's important to have a balance of work and relaxing time together too. That's how our week ended last week. Hope you had a good week and a better one ahead of you too:)


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