Wednesday 5 February 2020

Rebuilding the broken down wall

Dear Family & Friends

We are blessed with thick mud brick walls all around our property boundary. Having this gives us a sense of security and privacy. We can be sure that no stray animals can come into the garden and likewise, our free roaming pets are safe in our garden perimeters too.

our mud brick boundary wall is finished with roof tile cover on top

In our adjacent property, a corner of the boundary wall have broken down and was left unrepaired by previous owners.  If left for a little bit longer, more damaged will be done. So, it was a priority thing to do.

building wall - layer by layer

We like the aesthetic look of the organic mudbrick wall. In the olden days, people invest on making such bricks with mud and straw - and it must have been very time consuming too. Mudbricks are very sturdy and long lasting than the present day mass produced red bricks. Unfortunately, nobody does mudbrick anymore these days.

the width of the wall is at least two feet thick

Fortunate for us, our next door neighbour is knocking down his mudbrick wall barnhouse in preference of re-building a modern day red brick outbuilding. So, we became the happiest recipient of the precious mudbricks which we can reuse to rebuild our broken corner of the boundary wall. 

mudbricks are binded with more mud 

The foundation of the surrounding mudbrick walls is supported with solid big rock boulders to about a metre high, before the mudbricks is piled on top. Once we reached the desired wall height, the mudbrick wall is protected with clay roof tile covering for further weather protection.

beyond this wall far ahead is a glimpse of our existing home

So, our brilliant CEO is so proud of his wall project and it is indeed very beautiful end result. There's more project he is looking forward to complete and it's keeping him on his toes and can't wait to get it all going. He enjoys what he does and it keeps him very fit and happy too:)

More updates as we get on with this house and garden development, but for now, we hope you have a wonderful day too.


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  1. Annie, I love the wall! He did a great job! I always wished I could even lay bricks. Never would I be able to do the heavy rock boulders, which are beautiful by the way! Looking good!


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