Monday 10 February 2020

Roof gutters installed to collect rain and snow water

Dear family & Friends

We don't usually experience heavy rain over here but winter and spring time usually send us water from heaven in form of light rain or snow to sustain our land to compensate a normally dry summer.

Our fruit trees have now gone to hibernation mode and all leaves have been shed
Thus in our village it is a common sight to see homes without gutters to deviate water off their immediate home area. As for us, we want to collect the water off our roof and re-direct it to our garden for better use of the natural resource...little or much, every resource counts:)

property borders lined with solid mud brick walls all around

This week, our CEO managed to hang gutters to the house in the adjacent property. Winter is not really bleaked over here as sunshine always comes out to cheer our cold days. So, we managed to meet our next door neighbour as they are home for the winter holiday break whilst working outside. As a handy man, he gave us helpful ideas on how to deal and resolve with some of the little works around our property too.

gutters are invisibly installed just under the roof edges to collect snow and rain water

It's strange how works here and there can inspires each of us to look forward to tomorrow. We all believe that this new year, the start of a new decade has a lot of good things ahead, and that makes us all very excited. We just celebrated the Chinese new year, certainly in a very special and unexpected way this year. I will share it on my coming post. 

For now, I wish you a lovely day and week ahead:)


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  1. Annie, What a beautiful home! I know you and the CEO are very proud of the gutters. We don't have but a small on on our front porch entrance, but always wished we had them. I love seeing what you are doing there. What a great back saver too, diverting the rain water and snow to the gardens! Ingenious!
    Happy Valentine's Day!


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