Tuesday, 31 March 2020

A corner of our new garden

Dear Family & Friends

I've shared with you about the big walnut tree that we inherited last year, it's one of our big joy and in fact we have already been blessed with it's fruit abundance the same year:) Nonetheless, I understand that walnut tree hinders lots of plants from growing around them, and yes,we noticed that in that corner of the garden not a single weed grows either:)

soon to be a nice sitting area under the big walnut tree

Well, that's OK. We can then plan to make it as a nice sitting area under it's shade. Perhaps a nice round seat arrangement, using the big rock boulders that we collected from our next door neighbor:)

A portion of the corner boundary wall has been restored beautifully now:)

So far, we have managed to fix and rebuilt the broken down mud brick wall in that corner and it now look so much nicier and spacious too:)

This will be the next project to work on soon.

As spring time arrives, there's a lot more garden improvement that needs to be done. It's nice to dream and plan things out, but I know that it will take time and energy to do so too. Nonetheless, we'll just take each day at a time, without letting unnecessary pressure to influence us, instead it's about enjoying what we do as time permits us:)

Hope you are enjoying your day too.



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