Thursday, 26 March 2020

All as usual in our village

Dear Family & Friends

We sense so much insecurities with the people around us as they share with us their current situation around the globe with health and economic instabilities. Hopefully each one of us can find a way for better as we work our way through hope and positive outlook.

sun still shines .... everything are growing in the garden:)

In our little family unit in the village, life is unaffected and we remain grateful as always. I wake up and the promises of a bright new day is still there. So I check out the garden and everything still insist on growing and blooming beautifully. The bees are still busy working as always and so we do the same too.

anchovy fish cake 

Today I thought I would do something that I don't often prepare..tiny anchovy fish cakes. I like it but not much for the two girls, yet, they always eat their share:) Our garden is very busy as spring time always brings forth new I'm off to do what I need to do: Grow food to keep us fed, and grow flowers to keep us happy:)

Hope you are all staying healthy and moving on with high hopes.


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