Sunday, 1 March 2020

Food bonding with the family

Dear Family & Friends

There are certain joy that we experience in the kitchen as a family unit. One of them is preparing food together. Certain food takes a long process to do and many helping hands makes work lighter. That's the food that I am referring to.

spring rolls are delicious but it's takes time to do this 
We all love vegetable spring rolls, yet ingredients are to be prepared ahead of time. First there's the washing, cleaning and chopping of various vegetables to stir fry, then the process of cooking it and letting it cool down, after which, wrapping each in a prepared crepe wrapper - one at a time.

preparing food with patience

Many helping hands makes the wrapping process goes quicker. Here's where we can all gather around the table, working and chatting at the same time.

many hands make work lighter
Fresh vegetable spring rolls is certainly made with much love and so it is delicious. Yes, it doesn't take long for it to leave the table, into our mouth and filling our tummies with satisfaction. Ah the joy of eating indeed:)

a yummy selection of food to bind the family unit

Sometimes food preparation takes a long time but eating is done in just a minute... well, for as long as everyone enjoys it, that's all that matters:)

Have a lovely day today.


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