Friday, 6 March 2020

Village project development

Dear Family & Friends

With a mild winter this year, we also have sunny bright blue sky most days:) Just the perfect time for our village to start a big road and infrastructure upgrade project since they received an EU funding for this. We are pleased with this development:)

lorries and tractors ready for the big project
Sidewalk pavements were dug up to bury some large pipes for water and probably other cables underneath the ground. This project will take three months to finish.

roads and pavements are dug for some infrustrature installment
Eventually, all main roads will be redone too. It was about time because we endured a few pot holes last year which weren't filled, making it dangerous specially when driving thru at night.

village roads and pavements are upgraded
All villagers are feeling happy and encouraged with this new development. Our village will certainly be a much more attractive place once this project is done.

It's another very beautiful day today, so I'm certainly be out and about in the garden. Hope you enjoy your day today too.


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