Monday, 16 March 2020

Should I worry about food in crisis time?

Dear Family & Friends

All over the newspaper there's nothing but news on pandemic virus and falling stock market that brings about panic along with fear. Supermarket shelves are stripped of supplies as people start hoarding for fear of the worst. With this situation around me, I wonder if I should also start worrying on running out of food?

Jerusalem artichoke are alternative for potatoes at this time of the year

My garden tells me that I shouldn't worry about food shortage. Just this morning, I gathered quite a lot of healthy food to feed my family. I can't grow everything but we do have food security just within our perimeter.

a bit of leafy greens and herbs gathered for today's meal

It's still early in the year to have food abundance as we are just entering our spring season where plants are starting to come back to provide food for us....but I can tell you that there's already plenty of herbs and edible weeds for soup ingredients - exactly what we need at this time to combat all virus that is circulating around us.

herbs are back - all fresh and new

In the garden, you can see how nature is so clever to provide us just the right food and medicine for the season. Whatever comes first as food source is exactly the portion that is right for us. This is God's perfect design plan for us:)

sting nettle is the most hated weed there is but we love them

So we don't worry about pandemic diseases or food shortage and would not allow unnecessary stress  to affect our lives. I do encourage everyone to grow food - be it just a few herbs for everyday use, or go for as many things as you could afford to grow for your need. - it's all a win-win thing to do.

very nutricious an delicious sting nettle soup

I never had any background nor knowledge on gardening till I took the interest and just by doing it thru trial and error. The benefit is immense - one of the most enjoying thing to do in life.

Hope you are all staying safe and protected, unaffected by the 'not so good news' happening all around us these days. 


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