Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Free materials to use and recycle

Dear Family & Friends

When we realized how much our society waste and throw away resources, it gives us great alarming thoughts. It just doesn't feel right no matter how much money we have and could afford to do this - simply because we could - for this is just not a sustainable thing to do.

Materials to be reused for various projects around our home and garden
In our barn, we store collection of materials like old paving slabs, used roof tiles, old windows and even old mud bricks that people in our village wants to throw in the rubbish tip.

stacks of old roof tiles given by our next door neighbour
 Fortunate for us, we have big barns to store these neatly till the time we can incorporate and put these into good use within our property. This means that we have to use our creativity and it also mean we won't have the need to buy new materials.

beside the roof tiles, we also got big stones and boulders for re-use
We have a lot of project plans for this year and we will definitely make use and recycle all our material stash.

As perfect weather persist for us this week, we will be enjoying some outside works too. Hope you have a good week as well.


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