Tuesday 9 June 2020

No, it's not washing day

Dear Family & Friends

Last week we overheard our neighbour talking about us to their friends in their garden, not knowing we were weeding on the other side of the boundary wall. No, it was not good gossip :P But as you know us...people's opinion never matters nor bothers us at all. It made us laugh to hear that they are convinced we are nit-wit gardeners!!

no, it's not washing day... we're gardening:)
Perhaps you would say the same too. Because if you can glimpse our new garden area from over the wall, you would notice all the recycled old blankets, clothes and carpets we laid over our garden grounds. No, it's not our washing day. In fact, we've been working hard to start this new garden the best we could and know how.

this section of the garden are portioned into beds,  to grow veggies & flowers

Since we received another vast garden to deal with and there's only 4 of us in our little family unit - working together and enjoying our time in everything we do together:) , we also strongly believe in maintaining a garden organically - with no chemical or pesticide what-so-ever.  It's a big challenge , and much knowledge and wisdom is needed:)

once we manage to rid of the deeply rooted grass weeds, we will plant flower and herb shrubs

So to suppress the aggressive weeds all around the garden, we have to cover and deprive them of sunlight to eradicate them naturally without using poison or extra labour or tractor motor - for we don't have those resource either. 

our goal is for an environmental friendly way of gardening

It might look weird and unsightly for the moment as we need time to take place before we get to see the result...but all this will be changed as things develops on. It will be a beautiful garden, without causing our environment any damage for 'instant beauty's' sake!

the gardener

So, gardening task of the gardener continues on with great joy each day. Glad to know that we do have neighbors who secretly peek and take interest on us:D At some point of time, I still have to do my proper laundry washing too - but that's for Monday task:) 

Hope you have a lovely day too:)


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