Thursday 4 June 2020

Diversify for guaranteed victory

Dear Family & Friends

In nature, it is important to have diversity for resilience. Growing different local plants within your garden will encourage this environment, bringing in diverse food and survival of diverse insects and living creatures that is essential to maintain the health of the garden environment.

flowers also makes a garden look pretty

As I grow food for our family, I also incorporate the concept of growing plants that would benefit my garden co-workers like our beneficial insects. The presence of pest is never a problem because within a healthy ecology, they just balance themselves out.

my berry garden bed

Many of the self seeding weeds comes in useful as they too are part of the ecological balance in a garden. Along with the flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs that we plant on purpose for our enjoyment, many of these common weeds can also be enjoyed as food or medicinal use for us.

my herb garden circle

With many different plant varieties in your garden, there will always be something that will do well despite any circumstances. Exactly the same concept for our daily living for business matters, including personal life skills too. Diversify everything you do because it is a sure winner.

Strive to be happy and victorious always:)


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