Sunday, 19 July 2020

Bringing in bags of harvest each day

Dear Family & friends

We shouldn't be using plastic bags to put in our fruit harvest from the garden but we're running out of containers and these bags are just being recycled. Each day, we get a bagful of various goods from the garden to process and eat.


For the moment, we get figs as they continously ripens and forms more new fruits each day.


We planted lots of potatoes and we are starting to harvest them bagful at a time as there will be plenty to comes out of it too.


Some of our fruit trees like the plums are in their final harvest stage. At this time, everyone seem to have enough of it too. Isn't it good that God gave us food to eat in season. Eating food in season is best for us too.

Hope you are enjoying your season and it's abundance too.


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