Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Neighbor's garden and their generosity

Dear Family & Friends

It's just not curiousity that makes us want to see other people's garden...most of the time we get inspiration through appreciation of their work. This is one village home garden that we saw recently: the owners are very welcoming and very generous in sharing us some of their plant abundance too.

We received a lot of plants cuttings to root in our garden too. In return we also offered some of the plants we have with them. Sharing plants is always a fun thing to do.

I've always wanted to grow clematis but was not sure it if grows well here, but seeing that our neighbor grew them effortlessly, I decided it's time - specially as they gave me a free root plant:)

Gardening should be a way of life...it's a happy activity to dwell on and keep us going with lots of beneficial gains we can draw out of it.

Enjoy your garden and make it a happy day:)


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