Sunday 27 September 2020

Work ethic of honeybees is to be admired

Dear Family & Friends

When we last harvested our honey, we scraped the wax off the rack to expose the honey to enable us to extract them out. We then returned the ruined wax rack back to the hive for bees to re-use & refill. The amazing thing was after only two days, the bees thoroughly cleaned and re-wax the rack back to it's perfect hexagon shapes again -like new! ...and bees even started to cap in some honey too!! 

So we harvested some honey again for we discovered that there's more made for us!! WOW! our bees are so generous! The honeybees are very hardworking insect and they want their hives in perfect order immediately! Just got to love their work ethics!!    

We must be aware how pesticides and spray chemicals kills these beautiful creatures that don't deserve it. ..Please say 'NO' to big greedy commercial growers if you can...and for our good too!  

Enjoy your blessings today!


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