Monday 11 January 2021

Times goes by

Dear Family & Friends

Some weeks ago, in the photo is how our quince tree looks like - so beautiful and it's fragrance fills the garden too. Now of course - all fruits have dropped and leaves turned yellow, just waiting to fall. It's the last of the fruit trees in our garden to go to sleep for winter. You see, time moves on...everything goes, we must use our time wisely. Everyday turns to a new day, so, there's always hope that awaits us. Isn't that wonderful?

All of us get anxious about this and that in life - more so these days. We too have those days despite having each other to talk with - but the most comforting is our faith and trust in God that reassures us all is well and His peace just fills us up.  Praying for that peace to be with you all too.


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