Sunday 31 January 2021

Unusual winter 2021

 Dear Family & Friends

It's a warmish day here... With all the winter snow storm we hear over the news... I wonder where our winter's gone? I think our share of it has been taken away. Since I'm not a fan of snow, it's a welcome bit of a break....just hope it will not make an unusual appearance much later than it should!

Whilst out in the garden, enjoying sunlight for some free vitamin D, I also took the opportunity in admiring the great wonder of nature surrounding me. It makes me so thankful in life. 

I saw lots of bees coming out of their hives too...mainly young bees having their flying lessons. I thought about their great character:  very hardworking creatures, carrying responsibilities for their colony in unity - to which they gain strength and success for their it  too cold or too hot - they still make it!

Hope you're all staying safe and happy too.


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