Friday 19 March 2021

Garden would be boring without caterpillars

 Dear Family & Friends

Without them, garden life would be boring. They are very much a part of the cog in the wheel of life - caterpillars!! This caterpillar will become a white butterfly. They tend to eat my kale/cabbages plants where they lay their eggs in big numbers.

Fortunately the plants seem to be able to revive after being attacked. The more leaves are eaten, the more leaves they produces. Thus, we have to learn to share some of our favorite food too...for more will come forth - that's God's principle! 

I pick half eaten/munched leafy greens to cook for our delicious meal...My beautiful daughter would say: ''Mummy, you're serving us some left-over dinners again?!''  Then, she smiles because it was all very delicious. BTW, caterpillars was not part of our meal!

Hope you're putting a bright big beautiful smile on your face today...and stay happy always.


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